The Best Dividend Tracker to Protect and Grow Your Income

The best dividend tracker makes it dead simple for income investors to monitor the heartbeat of their portfolios.

Income calendars and estimates, dividend email alerts, and portfolio overviews are among the features investor should expect.

But accurate data, easy-to-use tools, fast-loading pages, and helpful insights to keep your income growing are also essential.

Since launching in 2015, Simply Safe Dividends has worked to build the most premium dividend portfolio tracker that thousands of income investors depend on every day.

We will show you how to use our site to track your dividends. And if you're interested, you can try a 14-day free trial (no credit card required) to start analyzing your dividend portfolio in minutes.

Getting Started

Connect your brokerage account, import a spreadsheet, or type in your holdings to see your portfolio snap to life in a beautiful display tailored for the needs of a modern dividend investor.

After a quick setup, you'll be treated with a big picture view of all your accounts and detailed data on each holding (including bonds and CDs) — all updated in near realtime and at your fingertips with pinpoint accuracy.

In addition to basic measures like your portfolio's balance, annual income, and dividend yield, you'll find reports covering dividend safety, diversification, dividend growth projections, undervalued holdings, and an income calendar.
Source: Simply Safe Dividends

Let's take a closer look at each of the reports available for your portfolio. 

Track Your Dividends

A dividend strategy is all about generating passive income, so let's start with the report that shows exactly when you're getting paid – the Income Calendar.
Source: Simply Safe Dividends

Inside, you'll see how much income is set to hit your account over the next 30 days. All publicly-traded securities are tracked, including funds and ETFs:
Source: Simply Safe Dividends

As with most elements of our dividend tracker, you can audit any of this data to see exactly how we calculate each amount:
Source: Simply Safe Dividends

For a longer-term view, "The Year Ahead" tab shows a monthly breakdown of your recurring income stream, plus any upcoming special dividends:
Source: Simply Safe Dividends

Whenever your holdings raise (or cut) their dividends, your income figures will update automatically. And we'll email you right away so you're never surprised by any changes.
Source: Simply Safe Dividends

Keep Your Dividends Safe

Tracking dividends is nice, but keeping your dividends safe is even better.

Most of our time each week is spent maintaining our Dividend Safety Score™ system to help investors do just that.

Harnessing data from vendors like S&P and Morningstar, our analysts review financial metrics, company news, industry developments, business model drivers, and other key indicators to assign stocks and closed-end funds Dividend Safety Scores™ between 0 and 100:
Source: Simply Safe Dividends

We maintain the industry's only published, realtime track record of dividend safety ratings. And we've helped investors avoid 98% of cuts since our scoring system's inception in 2015.

Your portfolio's Dividend Safety report contains our proprietary ratings for your holdings.
Source: Simply Safe Dividends

Inside, you'll find a breakdown of your holdings by Dividend Safety Score bucket. We explain the dividend cut risk in each group so you can make decisions that align with your risk tolerance.
Source: Simply Safe Dividends

If we ever change the score of one of your holdings, we will email you the rating change and our supporting analysis right away to keep you informed.
Source: Simply Safe Dividends

Review Your Dividend Portfolio's Growth Potential

Passive income growth is a powerful component of a dividend investing strategy. Your portfolio's Dividend Growth report captures this benefit.
Source: Simply Safe Dividends

Based on your current mix of holdings, this report shows how your portfolio's dividends would have grown over time:
Source: Simply Safe Dividends

This information can help set reasonable expectations about your portfolio's dividend growth potential, as covered by the "Income Forecast" report.
Source: Simply Safe Dividends

Based on your portfolio's historical dividend growth and whether you plan to reinvest dividends or make annual contributions going forward, you can see where your dividend income could track in the years ahead.
Source: Simply Safe Dividends

Keep Your Portfolio Diversified

Are your investments reasonably spread out across different companies and sectors? How much does your income stream depend on any one investment?

The Diversification report answers these questions to help keep your portfolio between the guardrails.
Source: Simply Safe Dividends

We prefer to invest no more than 25% of our portfolio in any sector. You can drill into any sector to see your relevant holdings and make adjustments.
Source: Simply Safe Dividends

This report also shows your portfolio's top sources of income. We prefer to limit any holding's exposure to no more than 5% of our portfolio's dividend stream.
Source: Simply Safe Dividends

Identify Undervalued Holdings

The final report, Timeliness, provides a look at potentially undervalued holdings.
Source: Simply Safe Dividends

Holdings are ranked by how far their dividend yields sit above their 5-year averages, as reflected by our Timeliness indicator, making them timely income opportunities to consider.
Source: Simply Safe Dividends

Stay on Top of Your Holdings

Below your portfolio's reports, you'll find a flexible, exportable table containing dozens of metrics on your holdings.

You can customize the columns displayed, as well as their order, to create the dashboard you have always wanted to manage your portfolio.
Source: Simply Safe Dividends

To give you a feel for the table's power, here are some of the 30-plus options to choose from, all updated daily or in realtime:

  • Dividend Safety Score
  • Payout Ratio
  • Annual Income
  • Dividend Growth Streak
  • Yield on Cost
  • Gain or Loss
  • Dividend Taxation (see if dividends are qualified)
  • Ex-Dividend Date
  • Recession Performance
  • Timeliness
  • % of Portfolio
  • % of Income

More Than Just a Dividend Tracker

Simply Safe Dividends is much more than a dividend tracker website.

Our site also includes...

  • A monthly newsletter: follow along with our three actively-managed model dividend portfolios to see this income strategy in action.
  • A screener: dozens of filters are available to screen common stocks and closed-end funds to surface new ideas.
  • Idea lists: comb through dividend aristocrats, Buffett's stocks, some of our favorite high dividend stocks, and more.
  • Research: we publish research every week on different dividend stocks to keep you in the loop and provide new ideas to explore.
  • Stock pages: type in a ticker symbol to discover a company's Dividend Safety Score, dividend yield history, dividend growth track record, payout ratio, and other key fundamental metrics.
Source: Simply Safe Dividends

Get Started Tracking Your Dividends

No training is needed to use our dividend tracking software. Nothing is ever more than a click away. No getting lost in a slow, poorly-organized site.

Everything is neat and tidy so you're not pulling your hair out keeping tabs on your dividend portfolio. You can get started in minutes.

If you'd like to give Simply Safe Dividends a try, you can register for a 14-day free trial here (no credit card required). Thanks for reading!

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