We're Boring & Conservative

Since 2015, we've maintained our industry-first Dividend Safety Score™ system and offered a suite of best-in-class portfolio-tracking tools.

We espouse a simple investment philosophy: own a diversified portfolio of quality businesses that can pay safe and growing dividends for years to come. It's an approach that can be described as boring and conservative.

Many services tout market-crushing stock picks and stuff that yields 10%. That's not us. We maintain realistic expectations, encourage minimal trading activity, and keep investors focused on safe income and capital preservation.

Our founding in 2015

Brian Bollinger started Simply Safe Dividends in 2015 after working as an equity analyst at IronBridge Capital Management (a multibillion-dollar investment firm). Brian is also a registered Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Coming from the investment management world, Brian saw how one-sided the flow of wealth in the industry could be. Individual investors were too often stuck with high fees, lackluster performance, complicated advice, and dubious sources of information online if they wanted to go it alone.

Simply Safe Dividends was created to change all of that by empowering everyday investors to take control of their financial futures.

Brian's background

Brian's background as an analyst brings our service to life. From meeting with management teams to digging through annual reports, Brian has spent thousands of hours researching companies and studying industries.

Brian takes pride in being a straight shooter. We don't publish gimmicky analysis, sensational headlines, or careless recommendations. People rely on our research to make critical decisions, a responsibility we take seriously.

Meet Matt, our CTO

Our approach to investing is woven throughout the website, which is developed by Brian's business partner, Matt De Leon. Matt has a passion for designing fast, easy-to-use, bug-free software and has over two decades of experience building web apps.

In business for the long-term

We're entirely bootstrapped. We don't have any investors breathing down our necks with demands for a 10x exit in five years. We love researching companies and making software, and we plan to be in business for decades.

We don't waste time on marketing schemes, either. All of our energy is focused on research and improving the service. By providing a wonderful experience at a fair price, we believe that our thousands of happy customers will continue to spread the word, and the rest will take care of itself.


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