New in Simply Safe Dividends: A more complete income calendar with estimated payments

We've updated Simply Safe Dividends to help members get a more complete picture of imminent cash flow to better budget and plan trades.

Before today, the Next 30 Days income calendar listed only officially-announced dividends. But some holdings — especially ETFs, money market funds, and some monthly dividend stocks — don't announce their dividends until just before the pay date:
This meant that you wouldn't see payments from these holdings show up until just before the pay date, which could've made planning based on the Next 30 Days calendar difficult.

Starting today, you'll see our estimates for upcoming payments included in the Next 30 Days calendar:

We estimate pay dates based on a holding's recent dividend history. To improve accuracy, we make adjustments to ensure pay dates fall on business days and to keep patterns such as "this holding always pays on the first business day of each month" in tact.

That's it for now! If you're already a customer, thanks so much for your support. If you haven't given our portfolio tracker and research tools a try yet, we offer a 14-day free trial. We look forward to impressing you!

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