Bill Gates' Dividend Portfolio

Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest people on the planet. A portion of his funds are invested in publicly-traded stocks, with most holdings paying a dividend.

Here's a list of all the dividend stocks owned by Bill Gates:Bill Gates’ investment portfolio is managed by Michael Larson, who has overseen Bill Gates’ personal wealth since 1994 and adheres to a long-term strategy described below.

Bill Gates’ Investment Strategy

Larson maintains a very low-key profile and runs a conservative strategy and invests across a wide range of assets including real estate, private equity, bonds, and publicly-traded stocks.

His operations are run out of an unmarked building in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland, and his employees who leave are typically required to sign confidentiality agreements.

Larson’s relatively conservative strategy delivered losses during the financial crisis in 2008 that were less than the 27% drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Since 1995, Larson’s returns have outperformed the S&P 500 by approximately 1% per year with presumably much lower volatility.

Larson is a value investor at heart and focuses on buy-and-hold investing. Most quarters, he does not make any trades. He looks for simple, high quality companies that he believes are reasonably priced. Most of these companies are considered blue-chip dividend stocks.

Few of these high quality businesses exist and trade at fair prices, which is why Bill Gates’ portfolio of publicly-traded stocks is concentrated in a small handful of companies.

Closing Thoughts on Bill Gates’ Portfolio

Bill Gates’ portfolio of dividend stocks is concentrated in companies built for the long term.

Each business has a long operating history and has some combination of hard-to-replicate assets, strong brand recognition, and numerous opportunities for long-term earnings growth. Most of them also have long track records of rewarding shareholders with higher dividends.

If nothing else, Bill Gates’ portfolio underscores the importance of focusing on the long term and refusing to compromise on business quality.

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